VVSD Employment and Training Services

After completing their military service, one of the biggest hurdles facing veterans is transitioning into civilian life and finding work. They are often at a loss as to how to transfer their military skills into meaningful careers in the civilian world.

VVSD makes it a top priority to provide employment and training services to veterans of all eras. It doesn't matter if you are homeless, suffer from substance abuse, or were separated from the military decades ago or just in the last few weeks.

If you are a veteran struggling to find a job, or need job training, we are here to help.

VVSD recognizes that one of the best ways to prevent homelessness among veterans is to provide them with the resources to find work that matches their skills and interests. Employment assistance is a critical component of the continuum of care we offer veterans to help them regain self-sufficiency.

We regularly run workshops on resume writing and job search techniques, and we give financial aid to veterans to pay for job training, transportation, tools and even clothing for work.

VVSD's Employment Programs:
  • Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP): Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, this program focuses on reintegrating homeless veterans into society by helping them find meaningful employment.
  • Veterans Employment-Related Assistance Program (VEAP): Funded by the California Employment Development Department, this program helps service members who recently separated from the military assess career options and secure employment.
  • Programs for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: Funded by private grants from the Prudential Insurance and USAA Federal Savings Bank, these programs provide employment assistance, including funding for job training, specifically for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
VVSD Employment Services Locations: VVSD's services include career assessments and guidance, job search and training assistance and other supportive services(clothing, tools, transportation, etc.) as necessary to ensure job readiness and successful placements.

If you know a veteran who is in need of employment or training assistance, please refer them to one of our sites.

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